ZuCot Gallery is the largest African-American owned fine art gallery in the Southeast.  Located in the historic Castleberry Hill district of downtown Atlanta, our 3,500 sq. foot space offers an eclectic decor and features some of the most prolific contemporary artists of our time.

Our mission is to promote original works of art by living African American artists and provide both novice and seasoned collectors with meaningful and unique services that enhance the art collecting experience. Collectors benefit from our services, which include educational programming, events where like-minded individuals may network, and our offering of the highest quality original works of art.

ZuCot Gallery believes that what you hang on your walls is a reflection of you, it is a window into your character, your convictions, and even your soul.  We are uniquely positioned to help you make a difference in ensuring that your art is a reflection of what is important to you. Owning and displaying original African-American art provides meaning and financial value; with the ZuCot experience, it can also be deeply spiritual. 

We are custodians of our culture. 



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“We are custodians of our culture, helping to elevate the importance of art in communities. Creating conversations around collecting, education, and outreach in the arts."

-Lauren Harris, Gallery Manager @ ZuCot