Please read below before submitting your work. Email to submit your work for consideration. 

  1. All submissions to be made via mail or email. Please submit recent, finished works only. We do not accept walk-in submissions or inquires from social media or direct phone calls.
  2. To submit electronically, final email should be no more than 2 MB total size.  And when sending your work on a CD — please include high resolution images, titles, media, dimensions, and prices.

  3. Include contact information, website link, biographical data, exhibition history, artist statement, reviews and any other support material, within reason. Submissions that do not include a resume/exhibition history and images (jpeg files, CD, hard copies, or link to a professional website) will not be considered.

  4. We understand that sometimes it is not possible for an artist to send images electronically, however, any hard copy or physical materials sent to the gallery will not be returned unless a self addressed, postage paid envelope is included with your submission. 

Artist Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, and are reviewed quarterly by the ZuCot Gallery staff. If there is further interest, the Gallery Manager will contact you directly. Please refrain from contacting us in regards to an update on your status. 

Please note that ZuCot Gallery does not rent exhibition space to artists that we do not represent. Artwork is chosen and displayed in the gallery based on merit, on a consignment basis. Likewise, if the gallery is rented for a private event, artwork not endorsed/chosen by ZuCot Gallery cannot be displayed or sold during the event.