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The ZuCot Gallery Field Trip Experience is designed to help students develop aesthetic perception, personal expression, and artistic skills. As one of the only African American Art Galleries in the state of Georgia and the largest in the Southeast, it is our responsibility to help educate young minds on the importance of preserving, collecting and appreciating culture, while at the same time helping students understand how it affects their everyday lives. Students will engage in higher-level integrative thought processes and real world experiences directly related to their curriculum.

Through the Zucot Gallery Field Trip Experience students will develop a deeper understanding of the analysis of basic literary elements that will help them to identify connections and complexities within narratives and see how individual elements weave together. These skills will be incorporated into the students own narrative and expository writing.

The Gallery Experience includes but is not limited to:

  • Guided tour by gallery staff
  • Detailed study packet that coincides with the class level
  • Artist/ Gallery Owner conversation with students
  • Interactive interpretations of work
  • Technical Learning Aids
  • Pre & Post Student Assessments



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In 2012 the H&T Art Partners observed a tremendous gap in basic arts education amongst ZuCot Gallery visitors. Most notable were the school age students who visited the gallery on school trips, summer camps outings, or with their families.  They were astounded to discover that the founding partners and some of the artists were actually college educated engineers, professors, and business professionals. We frequently engaged in long conversations on how the exposure to art and an art education played a critical role in helping us excel within our careers. Arts education helps to fine tune creative thinking skills and helps to develop the capability to visualize and solve highly technical challenges. 

In 2014 the Partners became known as The Art Brothers and formally created The Art Brothers Foundation in 2016.  The Foundation is focused on utilizing art and arts education as a means of helping students develop a myriad of skills that will aid them as they progress in school and can be utilized in a variety of careers in the future.