Private Art Consulting

We are passionate about art and passing the love of art on to others.  We would love to schedule a private consultation for assistance in selecting the proper piece for your taste and design space.

Virtual Viewing

If you find yourself unsure of how an artwork will work in your home or office, skip the scheduling and opt for a digital rendering of the piece in your desired space.  We also provide a sampling of our own spaces in which to preview your selection.

ZuCot Gallery is constantly working to find better ways of reaching our clients through innovative and industry leading practices.  We are always open to suggestion – bring us your ideas and we would love to work with you!


Art Tastings

An Art Tasting℠ is an event created by our sister company Premier Art to educate novice and collectors alike on the intricacies of appreciating and collecting fine art. The Art Tasting℠ experience gives clients an informal, hands-on, and interactive way to appreciate art in a comfortable environment and also provides an open forum for discussion on topics related to:

  •  The creation of an art piece
  • Materials used to create a piece
  •  Art as an investment (Why collecting is important)
  • How to determine real vs. fake
  • Value added information and resources

As they form a perfect tie-in, they’re typically utilized for corporate excursions, dinner parties, housewarmings, and private high-end social functions. Premier Art hosts the Art Tastings℠ with our acclaimed and seasoned visual artists so clients also get to meet and hear from the artists first hand. The event has been featured on Fox’s Good Day Atlanta and highlighted in Upscale Magazine.


Artist Talks

ZuCot Holds new Artist Talks with each exhibition, if the demand is high enough we will hold more! 

The Artist Talks are an opportunity to hear from the artist about their works, how and why they made them. Not only do we want to share the knowledge of our artist but we hope to hold meaningful discussion with the audience. We encourage those that attend to ask questions, make statements, and share stories. This is your time to discover what fine art means to you and how you can find the perfect work for your home, because we believe what you hang on your walls is a reflection of you!