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O'Freedom, My Beloved

What does freedom mean in a world that always simultaneously seeks to control you, while it also disposes of you? How do we, as Black women [and artists], reclaim our freed selves? What does that reclamation mean, and how does that look?  This show explores the tension of Black women’s complicated existence in a social and political landscape that renders them “the mules of the world”; and how Black women’s reclamation of freedom and vulnerability offers a counterpoint to the status of mule and renders their humanity complete and whole.  O' Freedom, My Beloved offers a glimpse of what it looks like for Black women to reclaim their time, their bodies, and their humanity and wholeness from the ravages of political and social oppression, not for others, but for ourselves.

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This exhibition demonstrates our ability to turn our pain into power through the unapologetic assertion of our joy, determination, and above all else – our right to exist as beautifully multifaceted humans in a world increasingly connected through social media. For many years, artists have used their talents to capture political, social, and historical aspects of the culture of Black people.

Through social media movements such as, #blackgirlmagic, #melaninpoppin, #blacklove, #blackboyjoy, and #blackowned, Black people have ignited a revolution of self-love and worth. 

#PROUDBLACK pays homage to the history of Black people in America and to current social media movements focused on creating, proliferating, and uplifting self-affirming images of Black people, for Black.

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As humans, we come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Our figure has made its mark through the ages in a variety of art forms. Our human bodies are made up of the same components, but artists throughout the centuries have used their deft creative skills to capture, reveal, and at times manipulate the various shapes the bodily form possesses. In society, the differences in our forms have created social separations, but figurative art challenges us to see who we are as one human race.

Can the art of our bodies help us understand we are actually all the same?

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Summer Palette Cleanse

"This Summer I will fall back in love with myself, the world, and life again through art." -Artist Unknown

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This exhibition explores the idea of living a life free of permissions and passes while also paying tribute to those who dedicate their lives to defying the status quo and living their unapologetically.