Y'all Better Act Right: 14 Things Not to Do at a Gallery

We were inspired to share these 14 things as an inspiration from art business’s article: Etiquette No-No’s for Artists and Everyone Else. This list forms from our own personal experiences or from people we’ve spoken to.

  1. Act like your at a party when really you are at a business event.

  2. Kee Kee in front of the works for long periods of time while others are trying to view the show.

  3. Take pictures of every work leaving nothing to the imagination for others to view later on.

  4. Hit on and/or harass people within the space. This is a space of business and comfortability. You will be asked to leave.

  5. Hover around the FREE food or wine area like we didn’t feed you with black art earlier.

  6. Talk to the curators and gallery owners for a long time like we don’t need to get this money honey. Black artists need to get paid too!

  7. Release your kids into the a space with expensive and/or delicate art works.

  8. Lean on the art.

  9. Touch the art.

  10. Get drunk. Better yet, arrive drunk.

  11. Promote yourself in a way that takes away from the artist’s work and the space. It isn’t about you, it’s about the artist’s who took time to create something amazing.

  12. Ask the artists to hold art directly for you so you can get it for less instead of paying them what they are truly worth.

  13. Pass out your business cards, brochures, artist book or announcements without asking permission. This is EXTREMELY inappropriate.

  14. Leave your business materials around the gallery when no one is looking. Don’t…cause we immediately throw it away. Thanks.

Please take all of these things into consideration no matter the gallery space you are in. At the end of the day, exhibitions are meant to support the gallery and the artists we love to see. Help us create a space where they can grow and sell work.