After earning BS and MS degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Penn State and the University of Pennsylvania, Troy began his professional career as an engineer working with NASA on the Manned Space Station program. His interest in art however, began during his sophomore year when he landed a summer job with Bruce McGaw graphics as a “Fine Art Poster Repair Clerk”. As his career in corporate America grew so did his passion for collecting Art. His current work in the Healthcare Industry takes him to Europe, Asia, South Africa, Japan, Latin America, India and the Middle East on a regular basis. Most of the gallery’s collection, with the addition of multicultural American art and pieces by local Atlanta artists, stems from the relationships that he has developed with artists and galleries throughout the world.

The striking, high-tech design and amenities of the gallery combine Troy’s dual interests in art and engineering. He believes that art and science are similar in that, “Like science, art is not random. There is an order to each discipline, rules of composition and technique that create a beautiful, balanced product.”




After earning a BS in Chemical Engineering from Tuskegee University, Omari began his professional career in the consumer products goods industry working for Procter and Gamble & The Coca-Cola Company. Growing up in Atlanta, GA, Omari gained an appreciation and passion for art by working with his father (artist, Aaron F. Henderson) to build a successful career. That experience led him to become a collector at an early age which fueled his mission to help cultivate more collectors.

Omari’s background in break through Innovation and building multi-national brands aids in developing the companies unique position in the Art community. His current work takes him all over the world and allows him to fuse his passions for Art and Innovation. He believes that the love of Art is universal and can help break down our societies social and cultural barriers.





After earning his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Tuskegee University, Onaje M. Henderson began his corporate career with one of the “big five” consulting firms working with major communication and hi tech companies across the country. O.M. Henderson cultivated his professional training within arts through soaking up his fathers’ (Artist, Aaron F. Henderson) discipline over a span of 20 + years. His background in technology has aided the firm in precisely weaving the aesthetic aspects to the financial growth of the firm. His project management background plays a vital role to the day to day success of the company.

Mr. Henderson has advised on art selection in office facilities, corporations, law firms, and individual collectors nationwide. With his guidance he has collaborated with art enthusiasts, high end collectors, and corporate executives to complete a diverse array of creative projects and programs, including large-scale commissions and specialty tailored acquisition programs that meet the precise budgetary needs for the client.




Mariah joined ZuCot gallery in 2014, taking on the role of Gallery Manager. She works to help the gallery pursue their goal of educating patrons on the art they feature, and reaching out to the community to help grow Atlanta’s appreciation for the arts.

A graduate of Kennesaw State University with a BFA in Art History, Mariah graduated Cum Laude with numerous awards including 2014 Outstanding Art History Senior, Undergraduate Research Award, and the Creative Activities Award.

Mariah has presented at multiple conferences including Collage at Anges Scott College and Middle East Symposium at Georgia Regent’s University, as well as the Kennesaw State University Symposium of Student Scholars.

She spent time working with Modern Now assisting in the gallery, before her passion was noticed by Fay Gold where she worked under her guidance until Fay’s retirement.